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How teachers at Phat Am Hay saved 30% of class's management time and effort

ELSA app assisted teachers at Phat Am Hay save time to check students’ homework and engage learners with our gamified learning modules.


Founded in July 2014, Phat Am Hay’s mission is to help Vietnamese students fall in love with English and focus on improving their pronunciation. Phat Am Hay offers different courses customized for 3 levels of English speaking levels based on American accents pronunciation.

Realizing the low efficiency of current training system, in 2017, Phat Am Hay decided to apply Elsa’s AI technology in their curriculum to help students measure their pronunciation scores based on comparison with native speakers to effectively achieve their speaking fluency goals.


Phat Am Hay applied the ELSA assessment test for the entrance and final performance review.

ELSA is a part exercises for students at Phat Am Hay. Students are asked to use ELSA to check difficult words and practice with a variety of lessons to practice each vowel or consonant. Pronunciation scoring is proceeded much faster with AI technology with accurate feedback, giving teachers more time to interact with students. 



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Since applying ELSA to the classroom, our teachers would be able to save time scoring homework while our students are more satisfied with the quality of the class. Our students often use ELSA Dictionary to check the accuracy of each sound after learning.”

Ms. LE DIEM - Founder of PHAT AM HAY

ELSA Speak has become a powerful tool      used for all offline & online classes at Phat Am Hay



  • Students can check their pronunciation for each sound by using ELSA. As the result, teachers can show them way to pronounce correctly right away. Phat Am Hay has seen that teachers can save 30% of their time on correcting the students 
  • After school, more practicing on ELSA will help students convert what they learned into their knowledge. Students at Phat Am Hay are required to study with ELSA for 30 minutes/day during the whole course.


ELSA’s Google-backed AI is able to give instant and well-rounded feedback on students’ pronunciation, listening, fluency, word stress, intonation which is the core value proposition of Phat Am Hay. ELSA app also helps teachers at Phat Am Hay save time to check students’ homework and engage learners with our gamified learning modules. 



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