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YOLA partnered with ELSA to improve students' pronunciation skills

ELSA is very proud to help YOLA improve their students’ pronunciation and maximize engagement rate with 100% students showing improvements after the course.


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Established in 2009, YOLA is proud to be the pioneer of English teaching programs for Vietnamese students. YOLA’s curriculum helps students ỉmprove both academic English skills and real-life situational skills. Blended learning method was applied to achieve better results for students. 

In June 2020, YOLA officially launched its Hybrid teaching model providing all-round academic English learning experience with flexibility in learning, financial commitment from parents and personalized learning for students. YOLA believes that the Hybrid teaching model will empower students and make huge impacts on their learning results. ELSA is very honored to join in the pilot program with YOLA to improve their students’ English proficiency. 


    • Pilot duration: 1 June 2020 - 21 June 2020
    • Number of accounts: 11 
  • Total

Number of learnt lessons: 1169

Number of studied time: 34 (hours)

  • Average

59 lessons/day 

101 min/day = 9 min/person/day

  • Lessons learnt:

MAX (315), MIN (27)


  • 100% of students showed improvement after studying ELSA training course.
  • 73% students showed improvement of 5% and above



Getting pronunciation right requires a lot of effort from both the teacher and the student. It’s YOLA’s mission to find the best methods, and products like ELSA help us make the teaching-learning process as smooth and easy as possible. Thanks to ELSA, students will be exposed to new sounds and the right intonation patterns, stresses and rhythms. The great thing about ELSA is you have a native speaker to listen to, speak to and                                                                practice with at any time of the day.”

Ms. NAM DO - Managing Director at YOLA


Pronunciation is among the highest barriers when it comes to learning a new language. English is not an exception. ELSA is very proud to help YOLA improve their students’ pronunciation while maximize the engagement rate with 100% students showing improvements after the course. 

We are ready to help other education institutions engage your learners and improve their English skills. 



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