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Announcing IDP (co-owner of IELTS) partnership

Announcing IDP (co-owner of IELTS) partnership

IDP and ELSA Corp. signed a partnership deal

We are happy to announce yet another partnership — ELSA Corp. just signed a partnership deal with IDP who is the co-owner of IELTS (International English Language Testing System) and a global leader in international education services.

While IELTS is recognized as the standard of English proficiency test for study abroad, migration, or professional ambition, the demand for the study materials for IELTS is high among English learners across the globe.

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As a part of this partnership, IDP will have a special offer for ELSA Pro users and ELSA will also have a special offer to IDP’s students and customers.

  • Students taking the IELTS test at IDP centers or planning their study abroad with IDP can purchase any ELSA Pro plans with a 40% discount.
  • ELSA Pro users who plan their study abroad through IDP can have 50% off on their IELTS test fee and a 45 USD off on their translation services.
  • IDP will advise their students to practice English with the ELSA Speak app and will provide them with a chance to receive a one-month free trial of ELSA Pro.

Country Director of IDP Vietnam, Mr. Sang Nguyen provided a statement that summarizes the significance of our partnership.

“IDP focuses on providing the best IELTS preparation to our candidates by organizing mock tests and workshops about all four sections of the test: Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing.

Also, IDP pioneers the implementation of technology innovations to bring the best customer experience. Therefore, we attach great importance to this partnership with such a young and dynamic edtech company as ELSA, whose application is the first Vietnamese app to be internationally honored and appreciated.

It is known that ELSA Speak is an application helping to improve pronunciation and fluency, which are important criteria of the IELTS’s Speaking test. ELSA Speak can help IELTS test-takers to evaluate their speaking proficiency and find room for improvement.

With this comprehensive partnership, IDP would like to thank ELSA and honor the values ​​that your company brings to IDP’s customers and the Vietnamese English-learner community.”

IELTS and ELSA Speak

The partnership with IDP solidifies our commitment to the community of English learners who aspire to launch themselves into the global community. To further help the community, we have recently launched a new IELTS Speaking feature.

On your profile tab, we provide some guidance as you prepare for the IELTS speaking test.

Once you take the assessment test within the ELSA app, the app will leverage the AI and ML to help you improve your pronunciation. Better English pronunciation can help boost your IELTS speaking test score. Our lessons are designed with CEFR frameworks in mind to ensure they can be quickly and easily integrated with different standardized tests and curriculum.

We are thrilled about helping English learners across the world launch their careers and lives in the global arena. And we hope this feature helps in their endeavor!

Please let us know what you thought about this feature in the comment section below. (Also, find us on LinkedIn where you get to learn all the updates from us!)

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