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ELSA partners with IMAP to educate millions in Vietnam

ELSA partners with IMAP to educate millions in Vietnam

ELSA Corp. has entered into a partnership with one of the most prominent private English language institutions in Vietnam, IMAP. The partnership includes IMAP incorporating the ELSA Speak app’s offering into the curriculum in order to help their students learn the English language.

IMAP, founded by Hoa Nguyen in 2012 owns a network of English schools across Vietnam and has educated close to a million English learners. IMAP’s vision is to help millions of students in Vietnam speak English with confidence and integrate themselves into the global community. With ELSA’s mission aligned with that of IMAP’s, we hope to be a large part of IMAP’s growth.

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This tentpole partnership deal represents ELSA’s accelerating growth and commitment to the English education industry in South East Asia.

Teams from ELSA Corp. and IMAP including Tracy Bui (ELSA, Head of Regional Business Development), Martina Hlisc (ELSA, Language Expert), Hoa Nguyen (Founder, Chairman of IMAP), Tuyen Tran (Deputy Regional Managing director at IMAP)

ELSA’s 3-in-1 enterprise solution to drive revenue and productivity

Investing in English education has always been seen as strategic and critical by schools and businesses around the world.

For years, our team has learned many businesses and schools face common challenges which ELSA Speak app can address:

  • Speaking fluency practice is overlooked by the school curriculum and traditional job training which tend to focus on grammar and vocabulary.
  • Traditional in-person speaking lessons are too expensive to scale to a large number of learners.
  • Measuring the ROI of speaking fluency training is difficult.

Additionally, this year has seen an unprecedented surge in demands for personalized digital learning tools like ELSA Speak due to the lockdown of schools and offices.

This is why the ELSA enterprise team is scaling its efforts to help more partners via our unique features:

1) ELSA Speak app — mobile, on-demand, on-the-go

ELSA Speak App for enterprise partners comes with premium features and functionalities.

ELSA Speak app offering

2) Teacher dashboard — live progress updates

Real-time updates of each learner and the whole school/organization allow teachers and administrators to provide personalized instructions and timely support.

Dashboard for teachers and administrators

3) Customized content tailored to your needs

  • Lessons tailored to your curriculum.
  • ELSA’s distinguished linguists will co-develop a learning module for your organization.
  • Vocabularies and expressions that are applicable in real life.

Hear from our partners from around the world

Our partners include schools and businesses around the world from Asia, Europe, and North America.

This is what some of them have to say about ELSA’s enterprise solution.

“As an administrator, if I am paying for this out of my own budget, I want to make sure students and instructors are using it and that it’s generating results. ELSA’s dashboard allows me to do this easily. I definitely feel that ELSA has been worth the money my program is spending on it.”

Jennifer Wilson, Director, Program in Writing & Communication at Rice University

“Each week my students do an oral presentation, and I can tell whether they have been practicing with ELSA or not. Through tracking the dashboard, I’m able to identify when students are falling behind and prompt them to increase their practice time.” 

English language lead instructor at Rice University

93% of all employees saw improvement in spoken English

Administrator at Nash Tech (British Software & outsourcing company)

We hope to deliver more news and testimonials from our partners in the near future. And we hope you will join us too in providing your organizations with English speaking fluency training that is customized, trackable, and cost-effective.

Learn more about ELSA’s enterprise services and request a demo today. https://vn.elsaspeak.com/b2b/business-en/

The ELSA Team

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