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HuaLi Industrial Group officially partnered with ELSA Speak in 2022 to improve human resource capacity

HuaLi Industrial Group officially partnered with ELSA Speak in 2022 to improve human resource capacity

In August 2021, HuaLi Industrial Group, Nike Division officially partnered with ELSA Speak to improve the business English for the Group’s staff members.

Read more about the kick-off of the partnership between ELSA and HuaLi Industrial Group here.

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One more step closer to improving the quality of human resources

The workforce is regarded as the most crucial factor in HuaLi’s overall success. As a result, HuaLi’s most important task is to devote the resources they have to protect the interests of the Group’s employees. Partnership with ELSA provides them with the world-class technology solution they have been searching for.

The credibility established by ELSA via its work with leading enterprises in various fields truly inspires trust. It facilitates this relationship, which will subsequently assist HuaLi in delivering on its vision of empowering its employees.

Even though this partnership has only been in place for two months, statistics have already shown a plethora of positive changes in HuaLi’s employees, helping HuaLi Industrial Group move one step closer to improving the quality of their human resources.

If you are a manufacturing company, like HuaLi, take a look at our ELSA for Manufacturing webpage for more tailored information!

High employee engagement and development levels

We saw an incredible improvement in English speaking proficiency among HuaLi’s workforce after deploying more than 100 ELSA PRO accounts for the first two months. HuaLi’s management team was able to track employee engagement using  ELSA real-time Dashboard that 98 active learners finished over 26,700 lessons in 1,100 study hours. This is an impressive outcome that demonstrates their commitment to developing their English skills.

ELSA’s technology was able to build a learning experience that met each of their unique needs, helped them achieve exceptional outcomes, and improve their English proficiency levels.

“The majority of employees are enthusiastic about the program and have been diligent in their studies. We can tell it by the number of lessons, practice hours, and learning outcomes, shared Head of HR/LD of HuaLi Industrial Group – Nike Division.

According to statistics displayed on ELSA Dashboard, most employees have increased their EPS score by more than 50% compared to the EPS score obtained from the initial tests. EPS (ELSA Proficiency Score) is a holistic and real-time evaluation framework that simultaneously assesses five core skills (pronunciation, intonation, listening, fluency, and word stress), including prosodic skills and pronunciation of English phonemes.

The score is calculated using AI technology that analyses a learner’s pronunciation and compares it to that of native speakers, returning a percentage that indicates how good the pronunciation is and where the errors are. We believe that their continued development will be a critical first step in their long-term development. Employees have become more productive as their capabilities and confidence grow while also enjoying the process of working with other English-speaking colleagues.

The more you learn, the more you earn

We, like HuaLi, believe that a company’s most valuable asset is its employees. We value every small contribution that our employees make to our organization, and we believe our partners do as well. Mr. Derek Gundy, Vice President of HuaLi Industrial Group, Nike Division, stated that the shared values of both organizations make this collaboration a clear win-win opportunity.

Ms. Linh, one of HuaLi’s learners, was introduced to us as one of the most dedicated ELSA students among these employees. She completed 32 hours of training in just two weeks of ELSA study. The application is designed to help employees like Ms. Linh start at the most basic level of pronunciation and improve their speaking skills by providing basic and tailored training lessons that will take only 10 – 15 minutes of their time. She loved the app so much that she decided to purchase it for her two children to study English with ELSA together.

English for Manufacturing - Huali Industrial Group

We are confident that, with the help of our engaging and simple lessons explicitly designed for them, HuaLi’s employees will achieve greater heights both professionally and personally.

With that, we wish the best to HuaLi moving along, and cheers to this beautiful partnership!


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