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ELSA and HuaLi Industrial Group, Nike Division partnership officially kicks off!

ELSA and HuaLi Industrial Group, Nike Division partnership officially kicks off!

In August 2021, HuaLi Industrial Group, Nike Division officially partnered with ELSA Speak to improve the business English for the Group’s staff members.

HuaLi Industrial Group, the leading professional sports footwear manufacturer, mainly offers development, design, and manufacturing services for world-renowned sports brands, such as Nike, Converse, Vans, Puma, UGG, Columbia, Under Armour, HOKA ONE ONE, and many other world-renown brands. With over 50 years of experience, HuaLi Industrial Group is a world leader in footwear design and manufacturing, producing more than 180 million pairs of footwear each year.

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ELSA for Organizations, the all-in-one corporate English training solution, has become a strategic partner in HuaLi Industrial Group’s initiative to improve human resource capacity. With a proprietary AI technology, more precisely speech recognition and deep learning, and leading academic experts, ELSA has helped hundreds of businesses cut costs and increase profits by providing them with ELSA’s world-class corporate English training.

HuaLi Industrial Group, Nike Division, and ELSA Speak officially kicks off their strategic partnership.

While continuing to uphold the concept of “people-orientation, happy footwear-making, technological management, creating profits, and sustainable operation”, HuaLi Industrial Group has always been looking for ways to improve the managing & manufacturing process, and dedicate their resources to protect the interests of the Group’s employees. This is how HuaLi Industrial Group has maintained its pioneering position in the footwear industry for the past 50 years.

HuaLi Industrial Group and Nike, their strategic partner, are committed to improving the quality of human resources. They are accomplishing this by applying AI technology and online trainings (digital trainings)

ELSA HuaLi partnership

“The partnership with ELSA is a strategic step for us,” said Derek Grundy, Vice President of HuaLi Industrial Group, Nike Division. “We realize that ELSA has a great technology solution. They have worked with many leading enterprises in various fields such as Toyota, Bosch, Grab, and FPT Vietnam.”

“To continue being the leading professional sports footwear manufacturer,” Mr. Derek Grundy added, “HuaLi Industrial Group will keep on putting great effort & investment in the most critical business element, the human factor.
HuaLi Industrial Group, Nike Division, believes that ELSA, with their experience and expertise in training, will help the staff at HuaLi’s Nike Division improve their English skills, and forge their learning skills by using new interactive technology. By helping HuaLi Industrial Group, Nike Division creates a competitive edge over their industry competitors.”

“Thank you to Michael, Tracy, and the ELSA team for the chance to work together. The shared values between both organizations have made this a clear win-win opportunity. To speak on behalf of our team we also think it is outstanding to work with a company founded by Ms. Vu Van a true role model for young Vietnamese people. Chi Vu provides our people with a real life example of women’s leadership and a huge sense of pride for our local Vietnamese people.” – Mr. Derek Grundy shared.

ELSA for Manufacturing is a world-class comprehensive English training solution.

Personalized training programs: Tailor-made by leading language experts. ELSA for Corporations ensures that our training programs are tailored to the unique needs of each business. We aim to increase your employees’ competitive advantage and working efficiency by teaching English lessons most relevant to their daily work.

Measure and assess performance: With a suite of management tools available on ELSA Dashboard, businesses can access and stay up to date with employees’ training progress instantly through detailed reports.

Comprehensive learning resources: ELSA study library is designed by top academic experts. With more than 15,000 speaking lessons over 120 different topics, ranging from business English to casual conversation. Your team can easily access using any mobile device, anytime, anywhere.

ELSA Testing System: With a system of competency tests including technical, IQ, and aptitude, English proficiency assessment tests designed by the world’s top academic experts; Businesses will have a comprehensive overview of skillset and culture-fit of their potential talents and existing employees.

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