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ATAD sees 100% improvement in employees’ English speaking in 6 months

ELSA helped ATAD Steel Structure to improve their employees’ English skills, which can lead to higher employee retention and business opportunities.


Did you know that companies can lose 32% international business opportunities due to the lack of English proficiency? In today’s global workplace, there is no doubt that language training for corporation is an investment that brings plenty of rewards. 

The case in point is about ATAD Steel Structure. ATAD is among the top 500 largest companies in Vietnam with 2,200 employees. As a global company with presence in 40 countries, the improvement of overall English communication skill will help ATAD provide better services for clients and increase business productivity. 


Previous training programs do not show positive results since their employees didn’t commit to going to English classes taught by native speakers and due to the high cost of setting up offline course and the difficulty of progress tracking.


ATAD used ELSA app as the core solution to help employees enhance their English communication efficiency and replace the traditional physical classroom model. Nearly 400 employees across 34 departments engaged in this program. 

  • Requirement to study 10 minutes/day per employee
  • Penalty for those who did not meet requirement.
  • Bonus for diligent team members


  • Engagement: 
    • Students practice 13 minutes / day on average.
    • Top performers practice 24 minutes / day. 
  • Improvement: 
    • 100% ATAD employees showed improvement over the course of 6 months
    • 70% employees showed improvement of 5% and above
    • 43% employees showed improvement of 10% and above

      DASHBOARD 1-1



Score improvement

Average ELSA Pronunciation Score


atad Tuyen Nguyen-01

Training cooperation with ELSA Speak is one of the strategic steps for human resource development of ATAD. ELSA Speak's AI and personalized learning content is a cost - effective optimal solution to help ATAD employees improve their English speaking skills effectively, thereby confidently working with partners and customers. all over the world.”

Ms. NGUYEN THI PHUC TUYEN - Human Resource Director

atad Phuong Nguyen-01

After nearly a year of applying ELSA in the company's English training, the English language learning culture has been well spread and strongly developed at ATAD. With ATAD's thousands of projects and  40 offices across  the world, the ability to learn English on mobile devices gives our staff the learning flexibility and an effective tool to practice English language pronunciation, hence gaining more confidence in English communication.”

Ms. NGUYEN VIET HA PHUONG - Internal Training Manager


ELSA helped ATAD Steel Structure to improve their employees’ English skills, which can lead to higher employee retention and business opportunities.

If you are planning for a global expansion, ELSA is here to help you train your employees to be qualified for international standards.



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