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Manufacturing business success with ELSA

HuaLi Industrial Group have witnessed a remarkble jump in their employee’s English proficiency level, especially with such little time spent by each employee per day.


  • In August 2021, HuaLi Industrial Group, Nike Division officially partnered with ELSA Speak to improve business English proficiency levels of the Group’s staff members.
  • HuaLi Industrial Group, a leading professional sports footwear manufacturer, mainly offers development, design and manufacturing services for many world-renowned sports brands, such as Nike, Converse, Vans, Puma, UGG, Columbia, Under Armour, HOKA ONE ONE, etc. With over 50 years of experience, HuaLi Industrial Group is a world leader in foot-wear design and manufacturing, producing more than 180 million pairs of footwear each year.
  • ELSA for Organizations, the all-in-one corporate English training solution, has become a strategic partner in HuaLi Industrial Group’s initiative to improve human resource capacities. With proprietary AI technology, more precisely speech recognition and deep learning, and leading academic experts, ELSA’s world-class corporate English training has helped hundreds of businesses cut costs and increase sales.
  • To continue to uphold the concept of “people-oriented, happy footwear-making, technological management and sustainable operations”, HuaLi Industrial Group has always been looking for ways to improve the managing & manufacturing process and dedicate their resources to protect the interests of the Group’s employees. This is how HuaLi Industrial Group has maintained its “pioneer” position in the footwear industry for the past 50 years.


I. Contract overview

HuaLi Industrial Group dedicates itself to improving their efforts and investments in human resources, the most critical business
element. This makes the partnership with ELSA a strategic step for HuaLi. Hence, ELSA and HuaLi agreed on a 1-year plan for 100
accounts to kick off the partnership.

II. Real-time dashboard overview



III. Performance overview

From the significant performance shown on ELSA Dashboard, we have decided to check in around 3 months into the plan to check on the performance and progress of HuaLi’s staff members from 01 Sep 2021 to 30 Nov 2021.

Overall Improvement

The organization’s average English proficiency level increased by 4% from the start date. From ELSA's historical data, this percentage of improvement is a significant number. Every little improvement counts when trying to achieve a 100% proficiency level and speak just like an English native speaker. This is the total result from all 100 learners at different levels and learning efforts.

ELSA covers all pronunciation skills including Pronunciation, Fluency, Intonation, Word Stress and Listening which are what we call ELSA Score. The detail improvement for each skill as below:

  • Pronunciation: 68% - 73% (+5%)
  • Fluency: 56% - 57% (+1%)
  • Intonation: 53% - 57% (+4%)
  • Word Stress: 94% - 95% (+1%)

EPS Improvement

Here we see a comparison of the team’s improvement percentages between their first week, and 3 months after they started practicing with ELSA Speak. It is evident that the team has generally shown big improvement, with the majority of the learners climbing to enter the “improved by 11% to 50%” category just after 3 months: from 29 learners (44.6%) to 62 learners (70.5%).

Study Research

Based on the evaluation survey results of 30% of random learners English learning program on the ELSA Speak app.


HuaLi Industrial Group, although only being on board for 3 out of the 12 months agreed on, have witnessed a remarkable jump in their employee’s English proficiency level, especially with such little time spent by each employee per day.

The score is calculated using AI technology that analyses a learner’s pronunciation and compares it to that of native speakers, returning a percentage that indicates how good the pronunciation is and where the errors are. We believe that their continued development will be a critical first step in their long-term development. Employees have become more productive as their capabilities and confidence grow while also enjoying the process of working with other English-speaking colleagues.

According to Harvard Business Review, 92% of manufacturers expect to enter new markets for future growth, but employees’ lack of English proficiency will hold them back. Even though English is the common language to use when speaking with customers and corporations, only 54% of the work-force is capable of using it daily. Therefore upgrading employee's English speaking skills and realizing their potential just like what HuaLi is doing for their employees is one of the strategic ways to thrive manufacturing business performance and sales in 2022.



“The partnership with ELSA is a strategic step for us. Thank you to Michael, Tracy, and the ELSA team for the chance to work together. The shared values between both organizations have made this a clear win-win opportunity. To speak on behalf of our team, we also think it is outstanding to work with a company founded by Ms. Vu Van, a true role model for young Vietnamese people. Chi Vu provides our people with a real life example of women’s leadership and a huge sense of pride for our local Vietnamese people.” – Vice president of Huali Industry Group, Nike Division shared.

“The majority of employees are enthusiastic about the program and have been diligent in their studies. HuaLi’s management team was able to track employee engagement using ELSA’s real-time dashboard that 98 active learners finished over 26,700 lessons in 1,100 study hours within 3 months. This is an impressive outcome that demonstrates their commitment to developing their English skills. By partnering with ELSA, we are one more step closer to improving the quality of human resources in 2022. Beyond that ELSA AI coach is really a meaningful perk for our employees that help enhance their engagement and commitment”, shared Head of HR/LD of HuaLi Industrial Group – Nike Division.

ELSA michelle ngo-01"With manufacturing being a key pillar for Vietnam's economic recovery in 2022, companies like HuaLi Industrial Group's Nike division are spearheading the way employees are engaged and trained to fulfill this task of recovery! We are deeply grateful to HuaLi, for choosing ELSA as your trusted English training solution for their employees. We wish the best to HuaLi moving along and cheers to this beautiful partnership!”

Mr. Michael Ngo - Country Manager of ELSA Vietnam



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