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ELSA partner with fram^ – Solving the IT recruitment challenge with technology

ELSA partner with fram^ – Solving the IT recruitment challenge with technology

ELSA, the world’s leading English pronunciation learning application, officially partnered with fram^ Vietnam.

Founded in 2015, ELSA accompanies more than 13 million learners from over +100 countries to conquer English. Using proprietary speech recognition technology based on a deep-learning algorithm, ELSA can give instant and accurate feedback, helping learners correct their errors in pronunciations at an individual sound level.

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Understanding the need for English-proficient recruitment, ELSA has launched ELSA Testing System – an English competency assessment solution for corporations. ELSA aims to support corporations in assessing their new candidates and current employees’ technical knowledge, IQ and aptitude, and English proficiency through a broad range of competency tests, designed by top tech and language experts using in ELSA Testing System.

More importantly, ELSA Testing System provides corporations an all-in-one, highly effective talent recruiting and nurturing solution. fram^ can easily and quickly assess their tech talents’ English level with ELSA Testing System.

ELSA Testing System
fram^ can easily and quickly assess their tech talents’ English level with ELSA Testing System

Solving the tech recruit and nurturing challenge for fram^ Vietnam.

fram^ is a leading custom software development company and is one of Vietnam’s fastest-growing technology businesses.

fram^ is a leading Swedish-Vietnamese company that offers IT Development services and builds Digital Consumer Brands. Alongside being one of Vietnam’s fastest-growing technology businesses, fram^ also invests in digital consumer brands with proven business models, helps them build market-leading companies. Some of fram^ outstanding ventures are SmartBuddy – an online retail platform for finance and insurance products; Carmudi – a leading car classifieds site in Vietnam; Nordic Coder – a coding school that offers the most effective expert-led software engineering boot camps.

This partnership will be part of fram^ strategic plan in building long-term sustainability in personal development and becoming Vietnam’s no.1 most popular IT employer. ELSA Testing System will support fram^ in screening potential talents and current employees’ English proficiency. ELSA test bank is designed by top academic experts, which is tailored to the tech industry in which fram^ operates.

The lean management system will give fram^ the most intuitive view of their team’s qualifications. Thereby cutting hiring costs, increasing recruitment efficiency, and drive business performance.

ELSA for Corporations is a world-class comprehensive English training solution.

Personalized training programs: Tailor-made by leading language experts. ELSA for Corporations ensures that our training programs are tailored to the unique needs of each business. We aim to increase your employees’ competitive advantage and working efficiency by teaching English lessons most relevant to their daily work.

Measure and assess performance: With a suite of management tools available on ELSA Dashboard, businesses can access and stay up to date with employees’ training progress instantly through detailed reports.

Comprehensive learning resources: ELSA study library is designed by top academic experts. With more than 15,000 speaking lessons over 120 different topics, ranging from business English to casual conversation. Your team can easily access using any mobile device, anytime, anywhere.

ELSA Testing System: With a system of competency tests including technical, IQ, and aptitude, English proficiency assessment tests designed by the world’s top academic experts; Businesses will have a comprehensive overview of skillset and culture-fit of their potential talents and existing employees.

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