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ELSA Speak and eKidEnglish shake hands to raise the level of kids’ English learning experience in Vietnam

ELSA Speak and eKidEnglish shake hands to raise the level of kids’ English learning experience in Vietnam

ELSA Speak – the world’s leading English learning application, has just announced their partnership with eKidEnglish – an online interactive English learning platform that won the Sao Khue 2020 award. Together, they aim to improve the English learning experience for Vietnamese children utilizing online platforms.

ELSA Speak is considered a breakthrough English learning application. With a high reputation built in the EdTech industry, ELSA and their proprietary artificial intelligence, deep learning, and speech recognition technology have helped over 13 million learners around the globe. In 2021, ELSA Speak and eKidEnglish’s partnership has received lots of anticipation and media attention. Accordingly, the online interactive English learning platform will integrate ELSA Speak’s speech recognition and pronunciation analysis technology to improve children’s English teaching and learning quality.

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Diving into this partnership, CEO & founder of ELSA Speak – Ms. Van Dinh Hong Vu, shared: “At ELSA, we always evaluate and choose carefully before deciding an integration partner. eKidEnglish is an English learning platform using 4.0 technology with many outstanding features and advantages. Their product and innovation are very much compatible with ELSA Speak. In addition, eKidEnglish is a product developed by Vietnamese people, which is in line with my biggest motivation when building ELSA Speak, which is to help Vietnamese people speak English fluently, confidently and open up new opportunities in life.”

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eKidEnglish is one of the leading online interactive English learning platforms in the Southeast Asia market, targeted at students ages 4-15. eKidEnglish has received high praise from the Ministry of Education and Training and won the Sao Khue Award in 2020. eKidEnglish’s curriculum is developed by Brown University (one of the Ivy League – top US universities with a history of more than 250 years).

With the application of multimedia technology on their platform, eKidEnglish ensures high security and interactivity for their students. The learning process is conducted directly with a vivid digitized curriculum; teachers and students can manipulate the curriculum in real-time. It is also a striking difference compared to other forms of online learning, which are only conducted in pure video calls format. Not only that, but eKidEnglish also applies AI to observe students’ emotions in each lesson, recorded all classes for parents, students, and eKidEnglish to review, evaluate and improve every day.

Mr. Mai Duy Quang – CEO of eKidEnglish shared: “For us, the quality of the students’ output is the most important. Therefore, eKidEnglish always uses practical elements, from textbooks and teachers to integrated applications. Even though the eKidEnglish team can create basic English learning application which fits into our product, with the desire to bring the best experience to students, eKidEnglish decided to cooperate with ELSA Speak as they are known for their top-notch technology and raving reviews from both English learning parents and kids. We hope with this partnership, both ELSA and eKidEnglish will raise the learning experience standard for all young students, not only in Vietnam but also in the global market.”

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