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ELSA Speak’s latest partnership – POPS Kids! Launching a unique English learning methodology for children

ELSA Speak’s latest partnership – POPS Kids! Launching a unique English learning methodology for children.

ELSA, the world’s Top 5 English learning application, and children’s educational platform – POPS Kids have just signed a partnership agreement. This partnership is the beginning of their newest “online school” solution that fully integrates knowledge and skills teaching for children to study at the comfort of their home.

ELSA Speak, founded in 2015, is an English Language Speech Assistant which stands as Top 5 in the English education market. With their proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, deep learning, and voice recognition technology, ELSA has helped more than 13 million learners across 101 countries improve their English communication ability by 90% after 03 months of studying.

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During their time accompanying language learners, ELSA has achieved many awards in the international arena. ELSA won the SXSW Edu Launch Education Technology, was named Top Education App by Product Hunt, and was funded by Google’s Gradient Ventures Artificial Intelligence Fund.

POPS Kids, an interactive educational platform for children, officially launched POPS Kids Learn – the leading interactive educational platform for Vietnamese children. POPS Kids aims to create a safe and convenient online learning platform for kids to study new knowledge while having fun.

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In August 2021, ELSA Speak partnered with POPS Kids to integrate their exclusive voice recognition technology into the English pronunciation practice features on POPS Kids’ platform. Children now can practice English pronunciation and listening skills while watching their favorite cartoons. More specifically, children will receive feedback on their pronunciation errors and be corrected by ELSA’s “native AI tutors” immediately, which helps boost their English learning journey.

The partnership of technology solutions from the top 2 leading educational brands is expected to create many waves of influence to the interactive education industry. ELSA Speak and POPS Kids are working together with the same mission in mind, improving the quality of English teaching and learning experiences for the future generation of Vietnam.

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